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“Wine Country” says it all. In 1983, this area was Washington’s first American Viticulture Area, a designated wine grape-growing region. This region is home to many wineries. The volcanic soil combined with the perfect climate allows grapes to thrive with rich flavor. Enjoying over 300 days of sun, this is the perfect place for over 100 wineries spanning more than 11,000 acres. This is the largest concentration of wineries and vineyards in Washington. The region grows and supplies grapes for nearly 40% of Washington’s annual wine production. The valley’s climate is not only ideal for grapes but several other fruits. They have orchards growing apples, nectarines, pears, cherries, peaches and plums.

Cultural Attractions

Along with the many wineries to visit, the culture and heritage range from restored military Fort Simcoe, to the Teapot Dome all featuring aspects of the Yakima Valley’s past. There are museums and centers that call this area home including The Native American Museum, the Yakima Valley Museum and the Central Washington Agricultural Museum.

Climate Patterns and Resources

Blessed with excellent weather and mountains close by, residents and visitors have the best of both worlds. While Yakima Valley typically sees sun all year long it also receives over 350 inches of snowfall a year. There are winter activities available including skiing, snowmobiling, hiking one of the many trails and fishing.

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